Monday, July 23, 2007

Fun for less than $1

This weekend I was reminded that fun can be had for very little money, whether it involves an .88 cent beach ball, or looking through organizing books for ideas and inspiration....My son decided he wanted to spend some of his own money on Saturday and after a fun breakfast with friends (which involved pretending to fill a wagon and go on a trek with a bunch of 3 and 4 yr olds--fun for free!) we hit the store. 5 dollars and 20 minutes later we were home having a great time. We picked up one beach ball and some water guns and had a water gun battle in our little patio. Husband got the worse of it since we made up a rule to be nice to mom (I'm still toting around another human being in my belly--it's only fair). The beach ball is still getting a lot of play (which if you buy your kids toys you know is a miracle), even as I write, my son continues to kick, slap, and run after the ball, and best of all I don't have to monitor much since it is the safest, softest toy EVER! Anyway, what is the point of this post you ask? well here are some fabulous tools and ideas from around the web that will prove once and for all that organizing, like a fun-filled weekend, doesn't have to be expensive.

These are great for kids rooms and craft can color code for each child or by theme (i.e., sewing, painting, playdough, etc..)
They're a buck so you can go nuts!

An inexpensive label maker and a great idea book are good starting points..(courtesy of the lazyorganizer on flickr)

Check out
TJ Maxx, Ross, and Big Lots for baskets and containers:

Have fun!


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