Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Ring Sling Tutorial!

I I haven't been blogging and I'm sorry my friends. It can be so time consuming..and lately all my time has gone to the kids and sewing, tutoring(can't wait till thats over), cooking...and also, I've run out of ideas or I have too many ideas and I don't know where to start. Not to mention I'm still uncomfortable with the idea of the possibility of perhaps maybe freaks lurking, my camera stopped working and other people's blogs are so entertaining, they keep me up at night.

I have missed it though and although you're not all leaving comments all the time I know you're at least taking a peek..(I get the traffic reports) SO. If you're out there, thanks for stopping by and checking up. I
promise to do better.


My friend Becca and I (and her sweet baby Eve)got together today and made an awesome ring sling. IT WAS SUPER EASY ! Becca is quite the crafty girl, and makes everything look so easy, she has made a few slings of her own using these fabulous instructions from Jan Andrea's site and I just had to learn. Jan Andrea's tutorial is a million times better than mine but just in case you want to see what I've been up to. Here's my shot at it.
*By the way---All good ideas instructions and suggestions are from Jan Andrea, not me.

JAN ANDREA EMAILED ME AND THESE WERE HER WORDS EXACTLY "...it's important to me that people not use my directions -- or derivatives thereof that produce an identical product"
2 1/2 YARDS OF FABRIC (you'll need a somewhat heavy fabric without a wrong side. The fabric should be breathable (just stuff your nose in it to check) since babies faces can get smooshed in there. If using a calico fabric you will need to use a heavier one on the other side of it, to support the baby properly)

Step 1:
Get a cute baby, and hold it and love it so so much that she wants to be held all the time (like mine, not you Eve, you were very well behaved)
Prewash all fabric.
Step 2:
I used white linen for my heavier fabric and just folded it in half and cut. (I have no idea how wide it was, if you really need to know I can find out. (let me know)

Step 3: lay the fabric you've just cut on top of your print fabric and cut.
Step..where are we? sew a straight stitch around the two long sides and one short side leaving one short side open.

Do not fold in and sew because later on this will add too much bulk. Instead, sew it shut with the seams all sloppy and frayed like that showing and cut a really straight line close to the edge and then just ZigZag along the entire edge. Top stitch around the whole thing.
For the pleats...Starting from the edge closest to you measure about 4 inches then pinch and grab the fabric folding over the 4 inches and leaving it about 1 inch from the edge...does this make sense? Look here if you need another visual. Pin you r pleats in place on the top and 3 inches or so down.

On the last bit of fabric left over (after making 5 or 6 pleats depending on your fabric's width) fold under so you have a nice edge on the end.

Sew 2 loose rows of stitching (I think they call this basting) through all these layers.
Put both rings in. Bring your fabric past the lower stitch line and proceed to sew two or three rows of stitches...over and over and over again.
(the above pic is not the final product, just the baste stitch..you must stitch over the lines several times.. and in between them too if you like. When you're all done and the sling feels secure.

Fold the end of the fabric like so.
put your fabric through the rings (like a fabric belt you know?) fan out the fabric. Make sure it doesn't twist in there while wearing baby.

And finally...you get to wear the cutest accessory ever...Eve served as our little model and I missed my little girl who did not come along. When I got home and put her in her new sling she proceeded to throw her arms up in the air and do a backbend..over and over. She thinks it's hilarious.

Thanks so much Becca. I had the best time. The sling is already getting tons of compliments and you are my new go-to girl for children's literature. These books were all great, I'm getting them all. You all should too, your kids will love them.

Studious Eve in front of her library. Precious!
Becca actually read this to me while I was sewing. I LOVED this book (Don't let the pigeon drive the bus)
And after all that , she even sent me home with homemade strawberry jam her mom made when she was in town. It was so so good, you r mom has got some mad skills. Daniel had to have some as soon as I got home.
Thanks again Becca! ◦


Darby said...


My name is Darby and I think my sister, Erika (@ http://urbangraceinteriors.typepad.com/the_blog/ ) is the one who told me to check you out! I love a tutorial (I've done a few myself) and I love to sew. I'm having a little man in a few weeks and my purple sling (from the girls) is not going to cut it! But I have a couple questions for you... you can email me at darby613@gmail.com if you get a chance. What size rings did you get? And if the sling is lined why must you use a woven fabric for the outside? Or did I misunderstand. Also, where did you get your really cute black (maybe it's navy) & white fabric. I love it! Anyway, I'm hoping to give this a shot soon! I'll be sure to let you know how it goes!!

Super B said...

Oh, Geidy, we did have a great day! I loved the post! You are wonderful. You should see my post about yesterday. I used a pic of you and my sister commented on how beautiful you are! And she is so excited about her sling.

Anonymous said...

girlie like you said i try to keep myself posted on your blogs i love them so much and even try some of your great suggestions especially for organizing, so i actually wanted to say thankk you for all the ideas hopefully soon i ll be able to make a sling they are so adorable...take care and keep being a fantanstic mom! Charlene

jrnelson said...

Hey, I am Becca's sister that lives in Idaho. I am the one she is going to make a sling for. I love how your sling turned out, it's beautiful!! It's so fun to talk to Becca so often, she talks about you alot. You can check out my blog if you want to see who I am. Have a great day and awesome job on the sling.

Haydee said...

Hi Darby,
I LOVE your blog. I'm so glad you've stopped by mine. To answer you question...I got the large aluminum rings through that link on the post. About the lining and all that, I shouldn't have called it lining, sorry for the confusion..what I meant was ...if you use one of those quilting fabrics, the thin cotton ones, you have to use a heavier fabric on the wrong side of it. Basically you have to sew the thicker (linen in my case) fabric to the thin one to make it strong. I guess lining would be something sandwiched in between the two??I don't know too many sewing terms..oops.
About the fabric, it is Black & white, I got it at Joanns, it's one of the Calico prints and they're on sale this week, as is the linen (50%). Good luck! I can't wait to see your sling. Congrats on the baby boy on the way.

Haydee said...

CHARLENE!!you're still out there..HI!. Charlene and I went to High School together..MUAHHHH, Hugs.

Becca's Sister...Why can't I remember your name. Becca has told me all about you and what a great Mom you are. I can't believe were not blog friends yet..it's official now..I'm going over to your blog right now.

Jan Andrea said...

Your sling looks great :)

I did want to add, though, that I prefer people not use these instructions (from my page or those made from my page) to sell slings. I have a lot of information on why here: http://www.sleepingbaby.net/jan/Baby/please.html and here: http://www.sleepingbaby.net/jan/Baby/selling.html

Originality is important :D

Ashlynn {mamabear} said...

wow ~ fabulous!!!

cute blog! glad you left a comment on mine ~ you are sweet. Your babies ae beautiful.

LAC is fun - steal all you want - I stole the idea from a gal in San Fran who started it.

amitchell@riverwoodsmill dot com

Jennifer Juniper said...

Haydee - thanks for linking up! I would have killed for this tutorial as a young mother, I remember using my sling a LOT! Great job!

Unknown said...

Just found your blog. Super cute. Thanks for the tutorial and links. I have a baby boy due in November and a little girl who just turned one. I'm sure the sling will come in very handy when trying to keep up with both kids!