Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Sweet Deals

I bought these in Yellow from Nine West on Sale...I'm super excited, except for every Sunday for church, I haven't been wearing high shoes since I got pregnant with Isabelle--which for me is a big deal. I also got some really great fitting white chino's from Banana Republic on Sale, a great white girly shirt from TJ Maxx and a blue dress from there also, both on clearance. Oh and did I mention some great tan leather flip-flops for my husband for $10.99 from the Gap, and a big floppy straw hat from Urban Outfitters for the beach. I figure it'll take attention away from the rest of my out of shape body.

Stay Tuned..lots of updates tomorrow. I had an anniversary, Daniel turned 5, memorial day, things I'm making...I promise... ◦

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2P and Super B said...

You know, yellow is my favorite color
and my birthday is coming up...and my shoe size is