Wednesday, July 11, 2007


Begin at the beginning I guess.... So here's my blog dedicated to my love of organization and design. I have been working on a big project for the last 36 weeks (which will be completed in about 3 weeks..her name will be Isabelle) and have been nesting like crazy, with so much time on my hands (since wrapping up the school year and my career as a teacher) I have decided to actively pursue my real passion--my family and the process of creating a beautiful home.

I thoroughly love and enjoy motherhood and wifehood. I have a slightly useless degree in English (except for my brief stint as a middle school English teacher). I love to read, write (or something like that) cook, and most of all: Organize! I hope this blog keeps me connected and in touch with friends both new and old and most importantly gives husband a break from having to look at my sketches and hear my ideas and put up my shelves and make yet another trip to the donation bin. I now have a place to blab about my organization ideas and a place to post some pics of the things I love most. So Welcome and Enjoy! ◦

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Jeannie said...

hello haydee! i long to organize. thank you for your posts.