Saturday, October 27, 2007

Movie Review

So at least once a week we try to do something fun as a family. This Friday night it was a movie. Evan Almighty. Daniel fell asleep since it took almost an hour to settle down into it. I hate it when this happens, you know, you start a movie the phone rings, pause, you start it again, the doorbell rings, (short visit with friends) pause again, start again, we realize we don't have a special treat for family night, and Dad has to go out and get some chocolate fudge ice cream, pause again..we can't fully enjoy it unless we start from the beginning, start all over. Anyway, once we got into the movie it was really funny and whats more, refreshingly wholesome. It was silly funny, but it had a great message. There's this part where Morgan Freeman says if you ask God for patience he doesn't just give you patience he gives you opportunities to be patient, if you ask God for more love in your family, he doesn't just zap you with warm and fuzzy feelings, he gives you opportunities to become closer..anyway you get the point..I Love this, and it's so true. So often I find myself questioning the trials in my life, when really, I should be rising to the meet the challenge. It was a great message. The movie gets 3 stars. (At least one star is because I love Steve Carell). And I can't forget to mention the fabulous Meet the Robinsons, this movie is a must see, must own, must watch over and over again..Keep Moving Forward. Loved it! 4 Stars.

Organization Tip: I do not like most storage systems out there for DVD's and Cd's, I don't think these things should be visible, too much clutter. I much prefer using nice baskets or putting the movies in one of those CD binders. You can get a small one for kids movies and that way it's portable too, very convenient for long car trips. Now that I think about it I'd like to buy a small one for non-kid movies that are too tempting and best for them not to even see as an option--you know those superhero ones that you let them see once or twice but don't want in the regular circulation. All the small binders can go into one basket and presto.


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