Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Grateful Days Challenge Day 2

Isabelle is 3 months (last Sat) and today I'm so grateful for her. I can't believe I get a daughter and I get to be her mom. She woke me up yesterday morning with her loud gurgling and I was reminded what an absolute miracle and blessing she is in every way-- even when she's spitting up on me for the 10th time in a day (not exaggerating). To have one healthy child is a miracle,but two..I'm awed. She is the happiest little baby, she eats well, sleeps well, smiles so incredibly big whenever anyone talks to her, and has the chunkiest little thighs ever. Here she is smiling..



Jerusalem said...

such a great pic! 3 years ago I had a 3 month old too... my how time flies!

2P and Super B said...

you know i love you little babe!! she is so adorable!! only about 6 months and I will have a three month old.
ps. I liked you blog about house hunting. I know what you mean about cookie cutter houses with no real beauty!! I would like a big brick house on a few acres of property and let me design the whole thing, especially the kitchen.

Haydee said...

I can't believe I got her to laugh for the pic..and Yes time does fly..and thanks B for your sweet comment.I Cannot wait to meet your little girl,just wait, you'll be so in love. And oh my gosh you and my husband with the Brick Houses, I do know what you mean they are timeless.