Sunday, November 18, 2007

So Grateful

Today I'm grateful this weekend is over. My husband hurt his back playing Football and my son had/has a high fever and Croup which by the way brings me to the other thing I'm grateful for: After Hours Pediatric (there was no wait and they were so so nice).

I'm so grateful my husband will be home this week. I miss him.

and most importantly, Grateful I fit into a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans (barely), I have my priorities in order.

On the far left of the pic is my husband(White shirt Black pants). This was at a Turkey Bowl last year, the one he got hurt in on Saturday..



Liz said...

I'm glad your family is all safe and at home for you to take care of. My husband hurts his back too from time to time, what is it about those big guys? They think they're indestructable. :)

Haydee said...

Yes Liz. You understand. Arrgh! Thanks for your well wishes.