Monday, December 3, 2007

Random Thoughts about me and the Times

In college I had a Mass Communications class wherein the proffessor a.k.a Lady of Torture required we read the NY Times from cover to cover every day. Fine, great. We should all be challenging ourselves to be more informed and whatnot. The problem however, was that when the class met 3 times a week, she would test us on random articles, I'm talking, she would test us on the most random little details, she made it absolutely impossible to do well on those "quizzes" and therefore in her class, as they made up a substantial portion of our overall grade.

Anyway, since that time I have had a genuine aversion for and extreme hostility toward that paper. Today, however, I stumbled upon an image which directed me to their website, and yes, in a moment of weakness I clicked and gave in to their awesome collection of slide shows in the Style section. I hate to admit that I can see the beginning of hope for me and the Times. Today it's the style section, tomorrow who knows? We might make it after all.

Below are my faves ( I hope it's legal to post these case you're reading Mr. Times I am linking to you (see above slide shows) and crediting you and your delightful subjects for a fabulous style section)Photos by Bill Cunningham

Love love love it all

Perfect hair, coat, shoes, bag....this would be my perfect outfit...what's yours?

I love Chesterfield chairs & sofas on so many levels I can't even tell you. The modern stark stuff I can do without.


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