Thursday, January 31, 2008

10 Things That Make Me Happy

So in Honor of Domino's List --10 things that make me happy (the one that bugs me so much) I put together my own more realistic affordable items list. It's really hard to narrow it down, so I have more than 10 but bear with me. By the way, I realize that this is not a blog about organization although that was my original intention. While I do love to organize, this blog has become a great little outlet for me, I love recording the important and the ordinary, it's so great to look back even just a few months and see what I was thinking about. Some of these posts are so completely silly, but hopefully it provides a little distraction from the overwhelming responsibilities of life. Oh and share your favorite things with me...please..I know you're out there.
1.Princess Cut Solitaire Diamond earrings. So simple and timeless
2. My Compaq Presario is the greatest laptop I've ever owned.
3.Movies- I love movies, I can watch movies (and the sets) all day. I especially love them while cuddled on the couch with the fam.
4. My Chi Turbo flat iron and the silk infusion drops. I have naturally very curly hair and people can't believe it.
5.I love a good pair of jeans, they look good with everything. Lately I like the Vigoss brans at Nordstrom and they're less than $60
6. Betty Crocker Warm Delights Molten Chocolate Cake. CRAZY good.
7.Bronzer. This is my can't live without item.
8.White 3-ring binders. I use these for everything. I organize my finances, recipes, warranties & manuals for everything I buy, my kids artwork...EVERYTHING..I buy pretty Scrapbook paper for a nice custom cover
9. Foray Pens. Or basically any needle point Roller Tip. I call them inky pens. Even my four year old will say mom can I have one of your inky pens..
10.Next 3 Pics. Monogrammed things. I love the look of monograms, it makes things looks so orderly and polished.
11.Magazines--Shelter magazines. My husband knows the way to my heart is bring me a new magazine from the drugstore. I love 'em all
12. Sur La Table-I pretty much love everything in there. They have everything. I especially love their birthday candles. ◦

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