Wednesday, January 16, 2008

My picks for baby

A bunch of people I know and love are having babies soon and since my little Isabelle is only 5 months old baby gear is very much a part of my everyday life. Here are my picks.

The Phil & Ted Sport Buggy with second seat is awesome. I especially love that it's a single that converts into a double without the width or length a double. The tires are like bike tires so you can push two heavy kids with very little effort. It folds easily, and the front wheel swivels, unlike a lot of jogging strollers. I LOVE this thing. I bought it in charcoal, but secretly wish I was cool enough to buy it in Lime green. Oh and big kids who don't want to ride in it (like my son) can hold a long strap that's attached to the handle (see it in the pic of me below). This really helps him keep up with me at the mall or when were walking through crowds.

The Britax Companion and the Roundabout are the absolute most comfortable, roomy and safe car seats in this price range. I was a big fan of the infant Peg Perego with my son, but the companion is better in my opinion. The Roundabout has been a long time favorite of myself and many other friends with kids, and although it only goes to 40 lbs. Britax has tons of other models that go up to 80 lbs.

The Skip Hop Duo bag is awesome, it clips to your stroller and you can wear it like a messenger bag (so you can have free hands) It has tons of compartments and zippered pouches, it's a bit hard to get into the middle one if it's overstuffed, it doesn't open very wide but as the baby has gotten older I love it(because I carry less things). It's perfect for short trips to the park or the library.

The perfect diaper bag is a camel super soft leather one I got at TJ Maxx for $80. It's nice and big and holds a lot. See it in the corner of this picture.

My third bag is a Vera Bradley Tote , I do not like their diaper bag, but the tote is huge. I use it if were going to Grandma's for a long day.
Did I mention the stroller provides great shade, a plastic cover thing for the rain that unrolls in the back and a little window on the top so baby can look right up at you.

Ok. Moving along.
The best ever swaddle blankets in the planet are...these
If you're nursing, and are not completely comfortable doing it, this is absolutely necessary. I use my Bebe Au Lait nursing cover nearly everyday. They sell them at Nordstrom but would be so easy to make.

I've blogged about this carrier here before and if your baby turns out to be anything like mine, this will save your life as she will want to be held all day. You'll thank me.

And for clothes, well I could post for days. For basics in the beginning Old Navy has some extremely soft layettes. Robeez shoes are awesome, as are Pedipeds.

Oh and the best gear tip ever. Find a consingment store like Once upon a child and sell the stuff your baby outgrows and buy new things. I only buy stuff new with tags on it and I've found amazing stuff for less than $10.

Oh, but before I forget, my absolute favorite find of all time, the Razberry Teether.
Silicone free, non-toxic, they can chew on any part of it...I could go on and on. Get it.



Janet said...

I wholeheartedly agree with your endorsement of the Phil & Teds. They have an awesome range of accessories too, I bought the cocoon and the e3 handbag (hangs over the handle and holds 2 drinks along with a zippered pouch). If one part is looking worn its easy to get a replacement part.
I would also add the Phil & Ted portable highchair - folds into a pizza box, great for getting out and about.
The Razberry teethers look fabulous, I've not seen them over here.

Liz said...

I LOVE that rasberry teether. Adorable!

2P and Super B said...

Ok, so since you didn't get the stroller in LIME GREEN for yourself, you can get it in LIME GREEN for me!!
haha!! I love you! Thanks for the car seat and for all the good product ideas. love you!

Haydee said...

I Miss you Super B..When is that little girl going to be here? I'll see you at the shower. Love you back.

Janet, Yes yes yes the accessories are great. There's a high chair..Thanks for the tip.

Liz,everyone says that when they see it.

Melanie Williams said...

thanks for leaving the comment on my blog with this link. you have a great blog and great advice!