Monday, January 14, 2008

Time Management 101

Image from Paul Costello
amazing photographer and husband of gorgeous Domino Editor Sara Ruffin Costello whose home and style I am mildly obssesed with

I am a woman with many goals and resolutions. I take this stuff very seriously. It's not so much about accomplishing item by item in a checklist like way, but more about having a general direction. Having goals and challenging myself to try new things keeps me happy and sane. More to come on this years resolutions..but for now I have a few time management skills, tips and ideas.

Go buy yourself an Agenda or a planner (I used a blackberry last year, and I did not like it, my husband loves it though..there is something I love about good ol' pen and paper). At Barnes& Noble right now you could probably find a leather agenda for less than $10. ( I bought a nice looking one at Walmart for $4.95 but the format is weekdays written by the numbers, and the little monthly calendars on top of the page are of January 05-2010..weird..I want to look at the month ahead at least. STAY AWAY FROM THE WALMART ONES...I will use it as a message book by my phone or something...

Ok so back to the agenda...go get one. Maybe this one on sale at Barnes & Noble online for $5.82

Or this one.

Step 2. These agendas will have a daily format with plenty of room to write in for each day of the week..What I'm trying this year is on the 1st day of the month I write a numbered list (in order of priority) of the things I want to focus on or accomplish. My list for January looks a little like Finish painting Goodwill frames, Start on baby's album, Finish curtains for Ginny, Sign up for (Blank) lessons...whatever you get the idea..

Then each Monday, I write a list of what I need to accomplish that week and I keep referring back to that one list. I do this because I can't commit to accomplishing a long daily to do list, this gives me some flexibility...I have a daily to do lists too but they usually only have one or two things on them.. Today's to do list..clean the car and meet with the realtor.

If I have to write in an event for that day I just write it in different color ink so it will stand out.

For chores and things blogger du jour has some great ideas..check this out. I love how she breaks down her chores.


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