Thursday, January 31, 2008

Whats So Great About Florida?

Forgive me for the poor quality pics, these were taken with my camera phone. But in this installment of WSGAF I'd like to show you all Gourmet Pizza Kitchen in South Tampa. It's been voted one of the best Pizza places in the country, and it is awesome. I had the chicken artichoke tomato (forgot what it's called) SOOO GOOD!

The guys had a meat one..(the baby slept so no pics of her)

And then there's the beautiful historic homes. This first one below is my favorite.


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jessie said...

Hey Haydee,
so yesterday I was reading your bloag, which is awesome by the way! so many cute things!!! anyhoo you caught my attention with the whole pizza thing, and since we live in south tampa, we decided to try it last night, oh my word that artichoke, chicken, tomato pizza was so awesome!!! I had 3 slices, and we all know me being prego i do not need all that fat, but it was so awesome!!! Thanks for the tips, if you know anymore little places let us know! we are always up for a new experience....