Monday, February 11, 2008

Big Weekend

So...Isabelle is scooting. She'll be crawling in no time..the girl is fast. Especially when there's a phone in front of her. And aren't those Babylegs cute..they're the herringbone pattern.

On Thursday it was a birthday party for Daniel's friend (and my bff's daughter). We had an awesome time. Especially because my friend keeps things small and simple, unlike me. When will I learn? The cake was YUMMY!
Then it was off to the fair on Friday. Normally we don't go, but Daniel really wanted to go with his cousins and well, we want him to try everything. It was a bit gross and towards the end over crowded but here are some highlights.

Isabelle HATES her car seat. Hates it. Tries to get out and cries. I'm out of ideas there. (don't worry she was buckled in)
There's a picture of us. I hesitate to post pics of myself because I'm like the least photogenic person on the planet, but there we are. In case you were wondering (people always are) I'm Dominican with a little Lebanese mixed in for fun, my husband is Polynesian . Our kids are the only half Tongan, half Dominican children in the world I think.That's my husband and Daniel in the middle..Those games are so infuriating. Although my son made out like a bandit. He went home with a huge inflatable bat, a huge inflatable basketball (one in one shot, it was niceee..) and a skateboard.
Oh and then there's the reason I go...Funnel Cakes..Mmmmm. So good.Oh and she also wants every and any drink in front of her. It's fresh lemonade, it couldn't hurt. Plus she really couldn't suck any out.On Saturday we decided to go the Farmer's market in Ybor city (we were late) we're gonna try next Saturday. We did go to Urban Outfitters though (my mom made fun of everything in there..go figure) and found a store with tons of weird carved things and umbrellas like this..
We had ice cream at Marble Slab Creamery. I'm gonna be a diabetic if I don't stop soon.
and we discovered our daughter loves Victoria Secret.
Oh and we may have found the perfect (perfect enough) place to live in South Tampa..YAY! I'll let you know soon. ◦


Mrs. Fox said...

Lemonade and funnel cakes are a fair must. Of course, you end up with indigestion later.

I enjoy your blog! Just wanted to say, Hi.

Mrs. Fox said...

Hi Haydee! Thanks for the comments! To answer your question, no I'm not a Dominicana but I grew up in Florida (although I don't live there anymore)
and sort of absorbed all those wonderful cultures by osmosis.

I've just discovered Juan Luis Guerra(I also like Las Avispas)so if you have recommendations send them on.

Crystal said...

um kay..."the least photogenic person on the planet"?
You're gorgeous!
So yeah, I KNEW the second I saw your hubby that he is Tongan. I'm half Tongan and my husband is full Tongan...I'm pretty sure that somewhere between the two of us, one of us might be related to your husband.

Haydee said...

Yeah we'll just assume we're cousins ;) You're so sweet for the compliment but I really do think that about myself..I hate taking pictures. But to see your blog.