Monday, February 25, 2008

The Cross

This Vancouver based store & design firm is amazing, and even though I obviously can't shop there, it's fun to look at.I LOVE it all!

I love this, it's perfect for those who like me are obsessed with time.

I would love a dresser like this to put under the flat screen TV in the living room.
Heart be still.....I LOVEE this sofa.



Liz said...

What a fantastic store!

2P and Super B said...

that couch is beautiful (I do say couch instead of sofa.) anyhow, miss you and I am thinking of you. I will be at church in 2 weeks...I so look forward to seeing you again. (also, in case you move to another ward before March 30th, that is the day we are blessing Eve.) So, you should come to our ward that day.

Haydee said...

So fantastic! B. We'll be there. I'm bringing you dinner Friday, go check your emails I have some questions. Can't wait to meet baby Eve..Russ was beaming on Sunday.