Monday, March 24, 2008

Happy Easter..

A little late I know but I couldn't resist. I have a ton of other images on the family blog. This was post Easter outfits at an annual Easter hunt we go to..the kids looked so darling and the primary kids sang at church (as directed by me the fill-in chorister, if you heard me sing you'd know what a cruel joke this is). It was a beautiful day. I should've taken pictures of the kids Easter Baskets. I usually have the usual-- eggs, a chocolate bunny, and a little gift..this year like the last we bought Daniel a new movie. Last year it was Charlotte's Web this year it was Bee Movie (which despite the bad reviews I really liked). ◦


Jill Bagley said...

Your baby is so beautiful.
i bet you and Afu enjoy her so much.
BTW---why can people not leave comments on your blog only if they are "approved"
do you have a problems with your blog?

Haydee said...

Thanks Jill. We enjoy her so so much. We feel so blessed to have these kids. But little girls are just so know. I don't know what the deal is with the comments in my blog. I have it set so you have to type in a code because it's supposed to help with spam comments or something but thanks for letting me know I'll make sure I look into it. Oh and I really haven't had problems except one comment from a guy, the comment was nice, but I'm a little paranoid and protective. The New Yorker in me still has some trust issues.