Friday, March 14, 2008

While You Were Working...

Today I picked up my husband from work, but I was early. While I was waiting I was thinking about how being a stay-at-home mom is the ultimate luxury. After working so hard for so long it's so nice to be able to set the pace of my everyday. To only take on as much as I want or need to. I love the freedom I have and I don't take it for granted. The kids were sound asleep in the car and this is what I did.

I watched the rain and realized I don't look up often enough. I hadn't notice all the pretty trees there before.

I reviewed my list of books to read and re-read. I have all the books from the book "The well educated mind" this book takes you through the history of literature and if you follow along with the author (her commentary and such) she compares it to getting a masters in Literature. I also have Pulitzer Prize winners and a section called Classics..I take this list everywhere for when I buy books and for when I borrow them from the library..

I ate some of my son's Jelly Belly's mmmm...

I listened to some forgotten CD's from my friend Kami. Kami and I have been friends since we were 13 or 14. She is my closest friend. When were old and widowed we're going to move in to a nursing home together. I love everything about her, she is thoughtful (hence the customized CD's, she's been making these for me for a while now I have quite the collection. She makes theme CD's. She made one for my husband and I, she made one called Tampa, she writes little notes about some of the songs...she could be a DJ) she is incredibly smart (for real) She's one of those people who doesn't ask what she can do, she sees what needs to be done and does it before you even know you need it. She is the most socially responsible person I know, and she happens to be a social worker/high school counselor so she listens well and gives great advice..I'm so so lucky to know her I can't even tell you.. (oh and she's fluent in Spanish, has traveled to some crazy places..alone, and makes an effort to travel to every important event in my life.)

I updated my agenda and balanced our checkbook..

and I took a picture of my new bracelet which I scored at TJ Maxx ( I love their jewelry) I'm not a huge fan of lots of fussy accessories, once in a while I wear a chunky necklace, bracelet or ring but never all three or even two, this bracelet is my ideal everyday accessory.

Oh and after we drove to my friend's house and we ran in the was AWFUL!! But I renewed our YMCA membership so it's gonna be the treadmill on rainy days..


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Liz said...

Fascinating. It's amazing to take a time out and look at a little tidbit of life you usually dont notice. And a friend that gives you themed cd's is a true keeper! :)