Tuesday, April 8, 2008

I really want this

This french baby food maker looks awesome, it steams veggies, fruit and meat or fish and then purees it for baby. I saw it at Williams Sonoma and almost bought it. Then I remembered I don't have a job. You can also get a cookbook with beautiful, gourmet baby food recipes. Get it here


Jill Bagley said...

that thing really does look awesome.
but you know what i noticed when making food for my son? it was really helpful to me to just feed him what we were eating as a family. i just took a little of the food we were eating and put it in this food masher---i think it is only like 5 to 10 bucks. and you just turn the handle.
but if i was smarter, i would have just put it in a mini food chopper. it probably would have worked good too. the little baby food masher was just at babies-r-us. it is super easy and cheap--and you dont have a million little parts to clean.
anyway---i feel your pain though!!!

Haydee said...

I totally agree with you about giving the baby whatever the whole family is eating. I have a mini food processor and usually I do that too. Just puree whatever we're having. The baby food maker is really just pretty..the recipe book might be fun though.

i'm kelly said...

that is seriously cool!