Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Just the Highlights ok
  • Home and Money-We still haven't found a home and as result I spend my days, and nights, thanks to etsy, shopping (so so bad). We've also been car shopping, and unfortunately my tastes exceed out budget, so with the help of my parents, we're going to wait a little and buy a car at an auction, cash. This will be the smartest financial move we will have ever made in almost 9 years.
  • Keeping busy/Making things-I pretty much spend my days away from the house. Not having our own place I really miss maintaining a home. I feel very detached from this space we're occupying, the only things that are ours are the clothes. I've been keeping busy with running 4 times a week, Daniel's swimming lessons twice a week and by sewing (quite poorly) baby blankets and cute hair things for my little girl.
  • Family Pictures are taking over my life- I've been completely consumed with finding the perfect clothes for us to wear. Everyone has the perfect outfit but me. This is too exhausting to get into. I'll post pics when they're done. I'll just post the pics when they're done.
  • Ok and just for my benefit. I live by lists. Coming posts
    • Finding a house is hard
    • Money
    • planning June Birthdays
In the meantime. My beautiful baby girl has turned 8 months.

Isabelle is amazing. Beleive it or not (in fact I will try to get video) she can say Dada, Mama, and she can wave bye bye. She is so so smart. She gives kisses (open mouth, slobbery ones) She dances whenever she hears music and she squeals with joy when she sees her dad or her brother. We love you Izzy. ◦

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