Friday, July 11, 2008

I Really Want...

Today we went to Ikea in Orlando. It was my 3rd time at this particular store but the first time we actually had time to take it ALL in. I really need to add a few modern pieces to my home (that is when I find one) and I LOVE all these things. I want them all. West Elm was really close by and i stopped in there too. These are the things I loved in person.
I did manage to buy a few cute things for the kids, pretty damask-looking carboard boxes (which are GREAT!) and so so cheap. A cozy blanket for TV watching, and some stuff for Isabelle's Play Kitchen.
Trollsta Sideboard. It was so pretty, I'm wondering if I would really be happy with this bright thing in my house..under the TV??
Malm Dresser. This I'm definitely going back for (in a much bigger car) I will put 3 of these inside my closet. I don't so much love dressers in Bedrooms. I'd rather have a pretty desk or chair or Armoire..

This was really pretty too.
Norrsten Cabinet. Wouldn't this be great for toys? I loved this piece. It has a lacquer finish so it looks really modern.

Billy Bookcase with extension and ladder. We've been needing bookcases for, well our whole marriage. I was an English major so I could definitely fill these.

These chairs From West Elm in Saffron around a Duncan Phyfe Dining Table...and in the store the saffron (also lacquered) are on sale for $70

This Parsons Desk from West Elm for my Bedroom. Again with the Lacquer..
I need a job.


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Mrs. Limestone said...

Ive been eyeing the Trollsta (in black) for a while but I can't seem to commit to it.

Just an fyi: You can find a Parsons desk on that gets very good reviews. Its likely not as good as the real thing but for the right price, its a lot easier to stand imperfection :)