Wednesday, September 17, 2008

G Diapers Part 2--The Ugly

My Open Letter...
I fall hard and fast I'm learning. I became very obsessed with G Diapers very quickly. Too quickly perhaps.
Something went terribly wrong. What happenned? I was loving you G Diapers. Sure I haven't had the same blowouts as I do with Pampers or the leaks with Huggies, and maybe something is wrong with the baby since her poops have gotten a lot more messy, maybe I should've signed up for a diaper changing refesher course before bringing this baby home, but I've been handling more poop than I'll openly admit.

The fit is good--it looks good, that is. All day yesterday the g pant got a little wet everytime she went pee-pee. Hmmm? I'm so confused. If I'm expected to have a new g pant and liner for each change that could get very expensive..and I'd have to wash them all at night...EVERY DAY.. Which I guess would be ok since I'm pretty much washing cloth diapers every night..or at least soaking and rinsing.. (update: Do this in a bucket in the tub--NOT the sink..also, I've realized you have to have lots of cloth diapers on hand otherwise laundry every night) But your retailers don't sell just g pants and liners, why? I hate paying shipping.

The cloth option is still nice, and really the whole point of this experiment, except the bulk. I spent half the day yesterday cutting down those gerber diapers(too long) (burp cloths) zig zag stitching them closed and making super absorbent (or so I thought..I may have just used the wrong fabric) pockets for them. But those are not holding much. Why don't you sell cloth inserts? If I could find a cheap (that I could make maybe) absorbent cloth insert, we might not be having this conversation at all.

I'm also changing diapers way too often, which I think is why your customers say their babies never get diaper rash. Except my baby isn't prone to those anyway, so this does not help me.

The plastic liner almost always gets pee on it, and it ALWAYS gets poo on it. Again, with the handling of poop, geez.

Last night she leaked through too. Twice! Was I just having a few good days? Is this the way it's going to be? Your email super nice, but her tips didn't help. Oh and the Yahoo group hasn't emailed me to "let me in" their little club, I hear they have great insight, but I keep checking my email and apparently my little required note giving them my reason for being worthy of joining wasn't convincing enough. Darn! Maybe I should've written more than "New user, could use some tips." If you're out there, sorry gals, I had poop on one hand when I wrote that and had to hurry and rinse.

Here's the deal. I'm willing to try these until the end of the week. In a few days I may have to abandon cloth and just go with the flushable inserts. If that doesn't stop the wet g pant, and the constant changing we'll keep using. But if this continues, we will have to quit on you. I'm sorry but couldn't you just like lower the price of the gpants and the plastic liners, then I could have a bunch of them.
And sure they really are adorable, which I think is secretly why people really use them, but I'm not sure that's enough for me. As far as their flushability, I guess I should've tried it more than a few time (since I've been using cloth) before raving about this, but what's with the insides not coming apart from the outer layer, and then the gel (or whatever that is) getting all over my toilet seat. This has been very frustrating. Once they're in, they do flush, but I feel like I'm cooking pee stew with the wand thing. I'm a little grossed out.

I like to be positive, so on that note let me end by saying, at least you've gotten me to wash my hands more than I EVER have in my entire life. ◦

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Haydee said...

I just got the most incredibly nice email from the CEO of G Diapers. With a phone number to call his wife for tips on leaking. I am SUPER impressed. I bought some Pampers yesterday because the liner got poop on it would not come clean..smell and all--a moment of weakness.

I am so impressed that these folks would pay attention to the complaints of one customer. Good For you G Diapers. I think I'll call Kim and give this another whirl.

I told my husband yesterday, G Diapers are a bit like breastfeeding, sure it's not the most convenient but it's really the best option, and I'm not saying that because of the email. Honest.