Wednesday, November 26, 2008

It's my Birthday!

Well Yesterday. I turned 29--I'd like to hold here if possible. It's been a great birthday, my friends took me to Dinner on Friday (we went to Twilight after...ick. cheesiest movie ever--though I still love the books). We went to Timpano's after walking out of a very weird restaurant and had an amazing time--we sat on a booth by the band and had great food. The band sang to me too. I have great friends.

Yesterday my mom and I got Mani/pedi's and went shopping (I scored some amazing deals at a Dillards thats closing) and by the time we were done with that, Daniel, who's been sick, had a really high fever so we cancelled (postponed) dinner plans and ordered food.
Here's my cake. It was so good. I got lots of great gifts too.
The cheesy kid numbers my husband picked out. Perfect.

I wish this was brighter.
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Liza said...

Happy birthday! The flowers are gorgeous and I love the picture of you in the restaurant! I grabbed the photo and lightened it for you and sent it to your email. I hope you like that one better.