Thursday, January 8, 2009

Things that Inspire me (Link Time)

This young house and its inhabitants are pretty impressive.
This young couple has not only remodeled their old little brick house into a stunning (see above pic) home but have managed to create a business by doing color consults for less than $50 and online design services (I imagine on the affordable side too) They show really simple but beautiful easy to re-create table settings and as if all that weren't enough have some killer housetours (like this gorgeous little white house)Now meet Meet Leslie

I don't know her in real life but she is a photographer a mom and an amazing semstress. The lovely aprons you see above can be purchased in her Etsy Shop for a song. The one I'm wearing in the previous post was made by me (because I wanted to make a slight change--and apparently these days I'm super cheap) But for the trouble they caused me--just buy one for less than 30 bucks. Leslie and her sisters make the cutest things (and kindly tell you what patterns they use) Check out their blog--it is seriously insane the dresses this girl has made.
Oh and bonus simplicy patterns are .99 cents at Joann's starting the 11th through the end of the month.

Also--I've gotta run so links to come but I also just discovered two other awesome blogs-- Angry chicken (all her tutorials and her awesome menus on one sheet thing) and LIttle birdie secrets which has a great tutorial for an ironing board that you roll up. ◦


Leslie said...

what a cool house!
and thanks for the mention. I'm cheap too...that's why I share the patterns. :)

Liza said...

Totally love that kitchen! Proves that you can have something really nice without a huge house.