Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Mother of Good Reviews

Have you ever had such an amazing customer service experience that it made you want to shout about it from the rooftops? I have. Seriously—

It all started a little while back when we bought our Phil & Ted double stroller from a little store called A Running Stroller, in a quaint little town called Safety Harbor. We met the owners and were carefully guided, step-by step through pretty much every option on the market. We happily purchased our stroller and told everyone about this place.

Fast-forward 18 months or so. The tires on our stroller were going flat-- a lot—inexplicably, since our use did not warrant this type of wear. We spoke with the Phil & Ted distributor (regal lager not Phil & Ted themselves) and got nowhere. The handle was also really bothering me, since the foam padding around it had become all torn up—which is admittedly only a cosmetic issue, but a big one for me..
Today we made the trek out to Safety Harbor and within 5 minutes of being there and telling the owners our issues--and I’m serious, within 5 minutes--they were putting 3 new tires on our stroller and Marilyn, who gets the whole cosmetic issue, agreed the handle looked disgusting and put on a new one for me (or rather her stroller fixing expert husband did). FOR FREE! I seriously expected to go in and order a few new parts but A Running stroller, once again, went above and beyond, no questions asked.

They are like the Nordstrom of babygear—with regard to customer service-- but with better prices and a mom & pop shop feel that leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy. I kid you not. I love it there. On our way out, Mr A running Stroller explained proper car seat safety to us..and made a few adjustments on Izzie’s roundabout for us. These folks actually care about their customers.

Case in point. Shop there. You will be happy you did. You can actually shop online and they have free shipping but If you can physically make it into the store--even better. Marilyn and her husband know everything about baby gear on the market. She will say things like yes that’s a good stroller but this one is better because it weighs less and when you’re carrying the diaper bag and the baby and etc..they just really know their product and their customer. In fact I think one of their daughters a mother of 4 tests a lot of the gear for them.

Did I mention they have the sweetest dog which our son played with the entire time, the dog loves kids and loves to play catch and Daniel gladly obliged throwing the tennis ball to her over and over. It was the sweetest thing. The only catch of this place is you will want to buy everything and your kid will beg you for a dog the entire ride home.

A few other things I want to mention...we had the best
afternoon in Safety Harbor, it was a gorgeous day, we went to the pier, had an early dinner and walked around Main Street with the kids.

By the way this car seat came highly recommended...I want it.


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