Tuesday, March 31, 2009

A Lot!

I'm really drawn to this living space. I think it's the big window and the books. As much as I like simplicity I would love to have a fussy (for me) well worn in room like this someday. It doesn't look contrived--I love that.

oh and some very random thoughts (in list form)...feel free to skip this as I may wake up tomorrow and realize I wrote this in a drunken slumber at 1 AM and I should delete it all.
thought 1.
*I have tried to start cutesy themed posts..target receipts, link days, what's so great about Florida (oddly I've only found like 3 things)and I never follow through. mostly because people don't seem to care and sadly because I've found consistency is apparently not my thing--however I do have a bunch of great images in my picasa (see above) that I've collected, borrowed and stolen. I think I'll start sharing these as my only regular themed post.

thought 2.
I really like saying Bloody Hell. That's that.

thought 3.
I've been giving a lot of thought to blogging--and after reading a few articles and seeing some pretty cool people bow out of the game I did some evaluating. I've had to question the purpose of spending hours doing this. I don't make any money with ads (in fact I made the decision to take them off the blog completely) I don't have anything to advertise personally (my Etsy store remains yet another pesky avoidance on my to do list) and my original purpose, to talk about organization and display my handiwork, doesn't seem like enough of a reason. In the sea of this community, I am like a Goldfish, nothing new, nothing special--at this point organizational advice, coming from me, and I'm not being modest here, seems like a lot of white noise.

So anyway, the question remained. Why spend countless hours doing this? and worse, countless hours entertaining guilty feelings for not doing it well. Is it worth my time?... ... for now the answer is yes. First let me establish what I've settled on and then the why--The content should be, correction, will be, whatever I want it to be...(I should probably change the name to reflect that....) I will not find a niche, or an audience-- I'm speaking to anyone who cares to listen to my ramblings-- random, poorly written, and with the overuse of dot dot dot and dash and the underuse of punctuation and brevity. Cool? good. k. Now here's the why.

I am literally inspired every single day by all the bloggers I follow--i am in awe of the smarts. ingenuity, strenght and skills (in the kitchen, in the home, with the kids, in the writing, in the everyday) I am in AWE. I have learned, I have grown, I have laughed, I have been pulled out of the dephts of darkness by their musings-- I still cry everytime I read a nie nie post and she has no idea who I am...I love the blogging community and I want to be a part of it, as trivial as my contributions may be. So, for now I will, no I must stick around, because how else would I be able to quickly tell a bunch of my friends that gdiapers (CHARLENE THIS IS FOR YOU) are not worth the hype, that this NY Times Man Bread is ridiculously easy to make, taste delicious and will impress your friends. That if you sign up for a membership on audible.com you can have 2 free book downloads, but you cancel within your free trial period and keep the books and legally burn copies for all your girlfriends..(want to meet at Panera for bookclub?) I'm listening to A Tale of Two cities and I am transported by Dickens....how else would I tell you that thanks to you, I eat better, excersice more, am now considered a good cook and can sew my daughter an outfit out of rags, a mans shirt, a pillowcase or a dishtowel If I so desire...I Love, not heart, LOVE, this so called waste of time, and although much like in High School, I'm not sitting at the most popular table, I am happy to be the almost cool enough but missing the mark girl.
If you've read this far, pretend the next flower you see is from me.
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Susan said...

Thank you for the inspiration! I am beginning my own blog as I move into a house and have been hesitant as I too suffer from "the overuse of dot dot dot and dash and the underuse of punctuation and brevity."

I love your blog and appreciate the time you take to put a stamp on your little corner of the world.

Blessings and Hugs,

Haydee said...

ahh validation. Thanks Susan.

russ2p said...

You hit the nail on the head...for me that is. I loved reading what you had to say. I like your blog for just what it is. It exposes me to some great ideas and recipes and pretty pictures! I like it just the way it is and just the way you want to make it.