Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Swimsuit I wished into being

Hi! I've missed you. I have lot's of updates to come--we've been enjoying the summer sun and moving so all is well here. Before I get into all that I have to share this amazing find. So, lucky me--When you live in a vacation spot like I do you get to meet some pretty fabulous folks--recently I got to meet and hang out with the Fabulous Heather Fish of Pearl Swimwear. A peek into her collection of high-end swimwear has got me seriously hooked. It's obvious Heather knows fashion and understands the female form--her swimsuits cover in just the right places but they completely define classic, modern, fresh and beautiful, the attention to detail is insane--I've honestly never seen swimsuit fabric or construction that looks like this..so, since flattering swimwear is so hard to find ( I honestly have this conversation with my girlfriends almost year-round here in FL), check them out, you'll love them and all your swimwear related problems will be solved.
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Texas said...

Heather is one of my dearest friends and I'm so glad you guys found each other...looks like you both have great taste. Love your blog. Tell Heather to call me. Trish

SummerB said...

Love these suits too! I have like three! Can't get enough.