Friday, October 9, 2009

Why I haven't posted in a little while...

A typical day in my life. This was yesterday.

*disclaimer: I love my life. I'm not complaining about my busyness . I know I'm not the only person juggling a million things at once and I also know that these are all choices I make. I often find myself re-evaluating my days, replaying them over and over in my mind to make sure I'm not accidentally slipping into a meaningless existence of time consuming tasks that don't make a difference to anyone. Writing all of this down yesterday was actually quite good for me--I felt validated for being exhausted and my husband was very surprised at the amount of things I do in a single day.

· 7:20-wake see Daniel off to school-husband has fed him, dressed him and made his lunch

· read/plan for life

· izzie wakes-drinks milk quietly for 15 minutes

· get semi-ready…dress izzie brush teeth, tidy daniel’s room (pick up his pajamas..turn off lamps, open windows…

· 8:40 finally make it downstairs for breakfast..isabelle has first meltdown of the day over what she’s eating..wants my yogurt not her gogurt or eggs or roll.

· eat yogurt with kashi (standing up)while browsing anthro catalog-decide yet again everything is too overpriced for me..throw it out

· unload dishwasher—load mornings dishes (usually take dinner meat out to thaw-decide it’s frozen pizza for dinner instead)

· make bed

· fold laundry and watch funny girl while doing it (WHAT A GREAT MOVIE! Laudry done in 30 not so much..)izzie requests noodles for lunch-when she wants to eat I jump. She happily eats I snack on crackers..

· (izzie poops in her panties)DANG IT!

· 12:40-ish P90X YOGA (this was super hard today)

· 2pm Walk to pick up Daniel from Bus stop-feel like I will be attacked by any of the 15 weirdos I see on the way but I’m prepared with the razor scooter as a possible weapon. Pick up mail.

· Izzie naps (way too late—I’m in for a late night with her)

· daniel snack & homework

· Shower for me

· Daniel computer games

· Izzie wakes so Daniel practices piano

· I’m finally on the computer at 4ish…Kids play with art stuff and as a treat stickers.

· Check emails return a phone call, make a few phone calls

· Work on thing for moms friend ( mom for more info..have to wait for her to get it)

· Checked on FS GIRL ???????????not working! Guy who can fix it is in Spain..argh.(more on this later)

· Husband home at 5! NEVER HAPPENS-send to store (with kids(which they love) for strawberries for smoothies for dinner

· 5:41-husband returns home from store—Forgot his wallet. This happens ALL THE TIME….

· Waiting for my computer…could’ve been almost done by now with mom’s friends thing…NEED MORE MEMORY-mental note to check ebay.

· Work on mom’s friends thing

· Husband is back-make smoothies (pizza is already in the oven)

· Run over to neighbor’s (3 doors down) (while pizza cooks) to pick up doilies for another friend

· Dinner (husband leaves right after for meeting)

· Walk with kids (actually drag Isabelle in wagon-while daniel rides scooter)

· Baths

· Stories & time with the kids

· 8:30ish-finally finish moms friends much easier than I expected..why do I procrastinate?

· listed thing on craigslist for my brother

· research for small article I’m writing for Eliza.

· research for SEO article..decide I cannot possibly spend another minute on this particular topic and come up with new topic—will write tomorrow.

Today…so far

Drove Daniel to school and husband to work (Left at 7:20 got home at 9 am..almost got into a horrible car accident--was honestly saved by angels)

yogurt, stuffed lib books into tote bags, called mom,printed directions for later

Izzie has a total meltdown this time it's because she wants me to wear a turtleneck sweater and I refuse...comfort her

call from aunt who is planning her wedding..mental note to send her some images later

Still to do…..

Pick up Daniel early for allergist appt. (will probably take me 2 to 3 hrs…that office is horrible and he has to have skin testing again)

Return Library books-pay fine! Stock up on Olivia books for Izzie

Halloween crafts and cookies (as promised)

Playground(if time and if not too hot)

Pick up husband

Ikea –it’s close to husbands work and I have a credit burning a hole in my pocket.



Walk on trail…

Baths for kids & Let them stay up for a movie TGIF!

Prepare Sunday lesson…

Write seo article

File paperwork

Albums on picasa-burn them onto disks

Have a great weekend.



SummerB said...

I fondly remember having a front row seat in the life of Geidy. Now I have to read about it in a blog, lol.

Haydee said...

Yes Summer, you did indeed suffer come along for the ride..and now that you've abandoned me I have no one to complain to.

Heather said...

I too miss Geidy's world & understand why I haven't heard back from you. Still sad though :( I need to hear from you - xo heather