Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Best & Easiest Meal EVER.

 Roast, crockpot or buy some chicken...then shred it..this is literally the hardest step. I put mine in the crockpot for just about 4 hours (anymore and it gets dry) with lemon pepper, garlic salt and seasoned salt..way more than you think you should use.
Make No Biggie's Salsa..mmmmm
Make some Guacamole...or just buy it. Whatever is easiest..
Buy some of this cheese. And I beg you. DO NOT SUBSTITUTE (unless it's another mexican cheese) with some hideous shredded cheese.
 Put some of these in the microwave.Corn. let me repeat..corn. NOT flour.
And put it all together....if you must have cream. Buy Mexican Crema. It is so so good and this is coming from a girl with a aversion to white foods.

I could eat this every day.


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