Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I'm Baaaaaack....and other things...

Well first of all....It's Summer Time! YAY. My little boy's last day of school is tomorrow and in a few weeks we will be moving to one of those states in New England (sorry I removed the state because of creepy people), where I will be attending Law School this fall. I'm not exactly sure if I should keep blogging, honestly, I don't really  have anything new or interesting to say and blogging really does take a lot of time--besides..have you seen what other bloggers are doing?! Amazing, creative, original stuff. I really don't need to be yet another blog showing pretty pictures of homes I love. Honestly. We have enough of those already. I guess the only original thing I can offer here is a little slice of my life, which is definitely original, but interesting......I don't know. Anyway. Here I am. I do have a few more thoughts to share--maybe.

so quick and dirty update.
took kid to school. took kids to park. took big kid to piano. big kid had second piano recital recently,awesome.dealt with some serious issues.called a lawyer.sold stuff on craigslist. dieted. worked out.working out. lost 10 lbs. but only because i had gained some lbs and panicked. realized i do like running. but only on the treadmill.bought awesome compressor and paint sprayer attachment. painted a lot.wondered why i ever painted any other way. went to art fair at big kid's school.bought my own kids art at aforementioned art fair.applied to 4 law schools. got into 2 schools got rejected by 2 schools. ouch. went to the beach. a lot. played the wii. got beat by a then 6 yr old at pretty much every game. did laundry at least 300 times.took big kid to basketball games on saturdays. grateful for indoor sports in this florida heat.tutored  friends son for 2 weeks. realized that you don't really know someone until you spend a lot of time with them in their home. realized how amazing my friends are. realized just the other day that florida is kinda home now. realized I will miss it. a little. got a ridiculously expensive ticket in the mail. realized i hate cameras at traffic lights. felt sad i broke my 10 years without a ticket streak. paid ridiculously expensive ticket.planned bridal shower games. realized i don't like party games. took little kid to story time. found awesome sushi place. found awesome pizza place. went to lunch with girlfriends. went to dinner with girlfriends. went to movie with girlfriend. snuck in sushi and ice cream to movies. wondered why I ever watched a movie any other way. went to a wedding. took flowers to a grave. went to a bbq. planned a bday party for big kid. bought an old sewing machine that weighs more than me.made some skirts. made a dress. made a messenger bag for big kid. made gwyneth paltrows shrimp tacos. read love in the time of cholera. read the brief wondorous life of oscar wao. read one L. read eat pray love. reading four other books. went to ikea. went to norstroms half yearly sale. went to the gap. went to the loft. went to target. went to poco patino. went to banana republic. was gifted a suit for law school. bought sperrys. wondered why i put myself through pain in any other shoes. bought tory burch flats for practically nothing. bought kids shoes. bought kids clothes. bought another striped shirt. bought stuff everywhere. realized i may have a bit of shopping problem. realized i will be poor because of law school debt, therefore i should learn to control spending. doing better. called uhaul. said goodbye to some friends.

So there it is friends. I have at least a few more posts in least until I decide if this is for me. If I do. I have to find a way to make this blog cool enough to get on the sponsor bandwagon...what is the deal with that?

Thanks for reading. I have loads of pictures to come. ◦


Tired Mom said...

I know you'll be super busy, but whenever possible, you should keep posting blogs here and there. Your friends are always interested in what's going on with you, as am I =)

Love your "quick update," you're hilarious! And good luck with the move and with law school!

Super B said...

Wow. What a post. Great way to catch us all up on what you have been doing! Glad to see you post again though. Love you. Gonna miss you!