Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Finally a magazine that doesn't dissapoint

This issue of O at Home was fabulous. I am so sick of magazines lately that show like 2 homes and then just pollute the remaining pages with annoying lists of their favorite finds of the moment. These lists usually include little birds that cost as much as a mortgage payment, you know the ones, with the amazing wallpapers, fabrics and furniture available only to designers..So sick of it.

This issue of O was awesome and showed three homes of real people with awesome achievable designs. I loved it. I would kill for a magazine that was dedicated to featuring only homes of real people. People with student loan payments, people who are willing to buy a Saarinen knock off at Ikea without feeling the need to explain themselves. So, hats off to the editors of O. Well done. ◦

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Liz said...

Oh, Amen. I've been feeling mad at my magazines for a while now. You said it perfectly!