Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Kitchen Inspiration

I'm almost sure the house we buy will need a new kitchen, why? because some builders have seriously questionable taste..Of all the things about kitchens I don't like, the worse are those short fat cabinets with like 8 feet of wall above them.

I like my kitchens like I like my bathrooms (eek those two things together not so good) Clean, organized, brightly lit, and a bit sparkly..,,oh and mostly white. Here are some really nice ones.

The floor, the chandelier, the appliances are all so sharp.

My oh my those floors are something else.

I would prefer to have shelves like this than ugly cabinets. So simple and unassuming.

These ceilings are amazing!! In my dreams...

(Images from House & Garden Magazine)


1 comment:

Jerusalem said...

I love the open shelving in the third pic and the farm sink in the second pic! Kitchens can be wonderful or a pain - I can't wait to re-do mine! You have great taste!!