Thursday, November 8, 2007

Grateful for Naps and My Organized Life

My little kids took like a 3 hour nap today--words cannot express my joy. But onto my organized life. I have a "system" for just about everything. One of the things I cannot live with is paper clutter. I don't have an office so I've devised some clever (I think) little systems to deal with it all.

Below are some shots of how I manage everything that comes into my home. I pretty much sort out the junk mail as soon as I get it, everything else goes into the black folder, this way it's all in one place and I don't have to look at it. I go through it at least once a week. Bills are put into this free online program called Bill Bugger and there's even a widget that sits on my desktop that tells me the bill, how much and when. Super easy and simple.

The Bills then go into the BIG BOOK of Finances , I kinda use that binder for all financial paperwork, I divide it in tabs, in the front is clear zipper folder with a calculator, pen, checkbook. Then are the folders with built in tabs. My tabs are Current Bills, Budget(with a print out of our budget ), Receipts (I write when I paid and confirmation number and only keep them for a few months), Car documents, Debt, Credit reports, Lease & contracts (we rent), and lastly I have a Student Loan tab.

The black folder also holds invitations, pictures to frame, stuff to file. Then there's the file box that sits on the counter, this is where my different binders go there's even an emergency plans binder--hurricane info and supplies we would need, Phone book, and a zippered pouch with camera, cords for camera, Mp3 player cords and battery charger--anything cords I use with my laptop basically.

Anyway, my friends always ask why I don't have anything out..this is why. It sounds like a lot of work but it's so easy...

Oh and that message board, I made it. It holds invitations for upcoming events. It's an old frame painted black with a thin piece of wood I got at home depot with a sheet a metal glued on then sanded. It cost like $12. See how Mabel's mom furnishes her home on a budget by the way.

There's the black folder and with one of the many binders this one is for a committee I'm on and to the right my to do list. The dining table serves as the desk so the paperwork has to be somewhat contained

Wow the file box looks hideous in the pic...I think I'll be spray painting it very soon. On top sits the Finance binder

That invitation is my brother-in-law the wedding was long ago (they're already expecting) but I can't bear to take it down.



Liz said...

Ooooh, I love all of this! I too have a phobia of paper clutter, but I'm not as good as you are. I love the idea of keeping your calculator, checkbook all in one place with the bills. Why didnt I think of that? :) And your message board is great, so much better than anything I've seen pre-made!

Haydee said...

Thanks Liz, this was totally inspired by your post.
By the way I should've mentioned this in the post but the trick to finding these great frames...salvation army & goodwill. They always have massive thick frames with hideous paintings in them, this one even has fabric on it but i just painted right over it..

Janet said...

Hey there, glad to find a kindred spirit. I love the memo board and will use it as inspiration if that's O.K? My friends and family have laughed at me for years because I keep all the local takeout menus in one of those document folders with the built in plastic pages! (although I've noticed some of them have started quietly doing it also, not that they would admit it). Always geat to pick up new ideas from others - I will check out bill buggers right away.