Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Still Grateful..just busy

The other day I went to my mom's house for a church activity she was hosting. I usually don't go to these things, but I'm so glad I did. When I walked into her house, to my shock and horror, my mother was in some sort of house pants and t-shirt, low ponytail and of course no makeup whatsoever. In my silliness and vanity I asked my mom if she wanted me to entertain so she could go get ready--to my surprise, she didn't want to, in fact she didn't care one bit about her appearance. My mother is obviously very low maintenance,but even she usually gets ready for these things. It must be from years and years of having a standing weekly appointment at the salon, matching her handbag to her shoes (I know, old school) and torturing her hair. While I was questioning her decision here, I realized that she's too busy frying two turkeys, making a amazing meal (she's a caterer) and then teaching the ladies how to make her famous Dominican Cake (this website has a different but so yummy version). She serves everyone else first, and in a society of put yourself first, her antiquated attitude is really refreshing. Me, I would've obsessed over what to wear, spent an hour doing my hair and makeup and apologized for not having the food ready on time..pathetic.
Not only is she selfless, she is generous. I mean off the charts generous, I mean like she has bought almost all of my kids furniture, for my baby shower she bought me a ridiculously expensive stroller, she buys school uniforms every year for my niece and nephews, and other people's children's insane, and she insists on doing these things, most of the time she doesn't even ask, she sees a need (or want) and fills it. She's been known to drop by with takeout in hand, taking the grandkids to the movies, and making a young couple their wedding cake for free..I could go on. What really impresses me though, is how humbly she lives and how little she wants. I am so grateful for my mom. She is thoughtful, courageous, independent, and full of love. The only pictures I took were of the baby and her feet. Here we are on our way to grandma's house.



2P and Super B said...

I don't know who's shoes are cuter...yours or the babies. Where did you get those red beauties?


Jerusalem said...

What a lovely post! Your Mom sounds absolutely wonderful - what a great heart she has! You and your family are blessed to have her - a loving mother is the best gift. Both my mom and mother-in-law do similar things, and I am truly grateful for them!

Haydee said...

B they're from TJ Maxx..they're like a wine color..

Thank you for your comment and for reading my blog...I am such a fan of yours.