Friday, January 25, 2008

A few things..

I may be a little late on this but I was reading the February Domino and on the last page they always feature a woman who they consider to be a style-maker, if you will. I completely love this feature and I'm always very excited to see who the month's pick will be.

This month was no exception, the woman is fabulous, too fabulous maybe, which brings me to my point. Where do they find these people? and who would spend $380 on a swimsuit? seriously. Obviously this woman makes loads of money, certainly a whole lot more than I do because the only way I would consider spending that kind of money on that kind of thing is if I had a house on the beach and were hosting a fabulous party for Diddy and his friends.

Ok, follow me here, for the price of each item on those lists (from the time the features began) I could fund the store I want to open, or build a school in my native country or I don't know build a water irrigation system in a village in Africa.

I really don't mean to sound self-righteous, after all I don't buy Domino so I can see a j crew swimsuit, or a lamp from Walmart. It's great to see the best of the best so as to have a measuring stick for the rest of the junk that's out there. And to the lovely Ms. Scali's credit, (which by the way is my other point) most of the items she listed were completely realistic, like the pottery barn frames, and the (here's my point, wait for it) awesome awesome Flexible plastic tubs.

So in conclusion, to the longest post that's really just about why I secretly just really want her job, maybe her life for that matter( so I can say I've been wearing $125 perfume since I was 12 because My Paris flat growing up was above the perfume company's offices) I love seeing the indulgences of the rich, and I absolutely love love those tubs. They are incredibly useful and inexpensive. I use mine for my sons toys, for the beach and once to soak my feet to give myself a pedicure.



i suwannee said...

i had this same awakening with the issue w/ the blond from charlotte on the front, standing on the fireplace?

everything in her house was 3343million dollars. starting with the pillows. it was so over the top, i was like, um. ok. next please.

Janet said...

Those tubs are also the best ice buckets for bottled drinks at parties!