Friday, January 25, 2008


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I have to make some drastic changes in my life and I won't bore you with the details but this weekend will begin my journey (so dramatic huh?) so here is my list of things to accomplish this weekend in order of importance from most to least of course.

1.Figure out why my baby is so fussy (could she be teething at 5 months Daniel didn't have teeth until he was like 15 months) just in case, find homeopathic teething tablets even if it means going to walmart.2.Re-establish routines for my kids (this will take longer than a weekend though)3.Figure out why my 4-year old is so naughty lately (hes definitely not teething)4.Go to the library and stock up on a month's read.5.Play in the park and have a picnic 6.Return dress and top at Forever 217.Buy new jeans at Nordstrom (& find Becca's baby's gift)8.Bake something this probably 9.Avoid the T.V. and computer (except of course for email)10.Get Pedicure.

I just have to go on record here so please excuse the use of this blog as my personal day planner. ◦


tricia said...

Hello from a fellow Floridian, ( I live in the Orlando area.) I just found your blog a couple of days ago and am really enjoying it. If your are looking for a homeopathic remedy for teething, you could check out My daughter had pretty good results using Chamomilla for her daughters teething problems.

Haydee said...

Welcome Tricia, I'm so glad to have you and thanks so much for the homeopathic source.

LobotoME said...

Hi - Just happened upon your blog too and love all things organization. Yes, try little chamomilla pills - it comes in a bottle at whole foods or natural foods store. also, i had sam gnaw on frozen carrots - they can't actually eat them it just helps cool them down.

have a good weekend and good luck with your list!

Jenny :)

Heather said...

I ALSO just happened upon your blog yesterday, I wish I could remember how I found it. is bookmarked now!

I read some older posts, and about fell off my chair when I read your post about set design and yellow houses....I love the Movie One True Thing -- love that house! I thought I was the only one in the world that was infatuated with movie/tv sets, when I mentioned your blog to my husband he laughed. (I am always trying to convince him that I am not weird, that creative people do what I do...but up until now...I didn't have any proof!)

Some of my other favorite homes from movies are both the loft and house in Stepmom, the house in Family Stone, and the apartment in The Bachelor. (The movie with Chris O'Donnell - not the TV show!)

I have been on a blog hiatus, but plan on starting it up again soon. You can find me at