Friday, January 18, 2008

Wall Mounted Fireplaces..who knew?

Confession Time: I could watch HGTV all day long. I'll even watch the bad shows, the ones with theme rooms, cheap DIY projects and annoying hosts (there. I said it, sorry Kristen Cunningham). In the midst of all the nonsense there is one bright star (in my eyes). Candice Olson from Divine Design, the oddly tall quirky blond with a team of equally quirky men some of which can sew ANYTHING and others with hair shinier and more manicured than mine (cough..Chico..cough).

Last night Candy (that's what I like to call her) used a wall mounted fireplace and I couldn't resist researching one for myself. I love this! especially the first two. The first two are around $600 and the bottom ones are $169-$199 surprisingly well priced. And how good would the copper one look on a kitchen wall with some comfy armchairs around it. Get them here


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