Friday, January 18, 2008

Target Run

I have a little problem. Every time I go to Target I inevitably buy too much. Everything is so cute and so cheap. I have another problem, I love to see how others live and what others buy (and what others order in restaurants) don't judge me please, I don't understand it either. Anyway, I thought it'd be fun to list what I bought at Target from time to time in list form, feel free to chime in.

1.Simply Asia noodle Lo mein thing (yucky gross..good thing I only bought 2)
2.Chocolate Chip Cliff Bars
3. Comb ($1.99)
4. Commercial Garment Rack (I've been wanting this for a long time..for when I iron, or to hang clothes to dry, or when I re-organize people's closets) I also like playing what not to wear at home..
5. Quattro Pro razor (the one for girls that comes in a travel case)
6. Black Ouchless hair rubberband thingies (these are like socks, where do they go?)
7. Vicks baby Rub (I didn't even know they made this)
8. Diapers
9. Formula (I need to wean the baby from the breast) I love the Enfamil individual packets
10. Flannel pajamas on clearance for $9.98 (the kind that look like mens pajamas, with the button down shirt) I got the Light blue stripped one.
11. Hostess chocolate cupcakes 100 calorie pack
12. A bunch of cereal & milk
13. A bunch of instant oatmeal
14. A really cute Mossimo Henley for, get this..$3.24 on clearance in gunmetal gray and cute embroidery detail on the top.
15. 3- 20 Gallon Totes. ◦

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