Monday, January 21, 2008

What's so great about Florida?

Welcome to the first episode of What's so great about Florida? As some of you (you 3 that is)may know, I live in Florida and I don't like it. I don't mean to kvetch so much on this blog but what's so great about all the flesh colored houses, the gigantic mosquitoes, the blazing heat, and the hostile drivers. We moved here to be close to family and so I could apply to a certain Law School--which by the way I still haven't done--and while being close to family is great, and really there are some redeeming things about the state, the weather seriously sucks, and frankly I just don't particularly like the landscape.

I've been here three and half years and I still haven't found many great restaurants and shops,
no movies in the park, antique malls or any such semblance of culture, at least not where I live. By the way if any of you can steer me to such places, please, enlighten me.

Ok. So I'm on a mission to find places within a reasonable driving distance that will make me like it better here. Today, while browsing I found Circa Who, an awesome vintage furniture resale shop in West Palm's 3 hours away but sometime soon, we'll make the trek and make a weekend trip of it. In the meantime check out these finds..


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