Saturday, February 2, 2008

Paper Clutter

I'm always reworking my systems until I find the one that suits me best. See the tabbed folders under the agenda?I got it at Target for $3.99 and it works great for paper clutter. It's tabbed, it's thin and most importantly portable. The agenda is great because that's where my to do list is and of course it reminds me of events and appointments, but so often what I have to do any given day has paperwork attached. This tabbed project folder is a great solution for mail clutter, with this handy thing by your side you can completely eliminate it. So I put everything into the following categories.

1. Do Today-here I put paperwork that has to be managed obviously today
2. Bills-Here I put my current bills that have to be paid(they no longer go in the financial binder(pictured above also) although I still use it) once paid they go into permanent folder (no longer in finance book) in a file labeled for the month of the year it's paid. The bills in there now will go in the Feb folder, next year when I get to Feb again I'll throw away this years things..does that make sense?)
3. Action- this week- Things I need to make phone calls for, things to mail, sports sign-up paperwork, tickets to buy
4. Action -this month-long term things that don't need immediate action like the paperwork to order a birth certificate, or usually something I have to translate.
5.To File-Here I put cards that needs to be put away in my permanent files, or any important financial paperwork I get in the mail. I go through this once a week

Behind the last tabbed folder I have any paperwork for parties I'm working on. Like when I start planning my sons Birthday party I will put a guest list there, mailing lists etc..

This system works so great I'm thinking of getting another one for Coupons& gift certificates, performance schedules or even recipes to try.. I actually have a great system for my recipes and it includes a whole section called recipes to try, but this would work well too. ◦


sunny said...

what a great, simple to use system! and I love folders of that material..didn't even know Target (my favorite store) carried one like that with tabs! excuse me, I must leave now for Target!


Liz said...

Oh, I'm doing a big reorganization in my office. I love tips like this!