Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Organizing on a Budget

Thanks to Cottage Living's Website I found some really great organizing ideas. I looked through like 150 images to find the best for you all.

Those are shoeboxes. How great is that?

Berry containers work great for toiletries but this would work great for craft odds and ends too.

Jars. I like. I actually use a jar for my hair rubber band things another good option comparable to this are inexpensive bowls from TJmaxx or thrift shops.

I know some hate this look, but I think it depends on the fabric you use. In this case it looks lovely. And these carts are so cheap, and can often be found on craigslist.

What a great way to store CD--Music as Art ..

I picture this being used as a craft shelf that can be tucked into any nook.

I love this! A jewelry box as make-up storage. I love dividing my make-up into little categories (but then again I'm slightly neurotic) Check out TJ Maxx for really cute jewelry boxes.

I think I've mentioned how much I love this idea before. DVD's and CD's in binders are so neat and such a space saver. The binder CD pockets are fairly inexpensive too.

And last but not least the file box. Everyone sells a version of this so you can get it at any price point. I like this better than a filing cabinet. There are some things that don't need to be out and accessible all the time. I also like dividing things into categories (as you've probably noticed) and most of all I like portability. I have two, one for Financial Paperwork (long term storage like tax returns) one for home/personal (everything else) when my husband had his own business I had one for him. I love these.


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