Monday, February 4, 2008

Blog Recipes

This weekend was crazy busy with too many pictures to post. Among other things, we went to see my 9 year-old cousin in a dance competition and I made these blog recipes for the Super Bowl.
Awesome yummy Creme Puffs from here

and these Wings and Dip. The wings were a huge hit, and so so easy. Thanks Pioneer Woman


2 comments: said...

how did the cream puff turn out?!!
i made the wings too...that's funny.
and what is the bottom picture?
it looks so good.
i am hungry.
i will go to bed instead.
i am so glad you made the cream puff.
someone showed up to my party with it too. :)

Haydee said...

Oh my goodness Meg, can I call you Meg? You read my blog. The cream puffs were killer. People were fighting over them. My pudding mixture wasn't as nice ans stiff looking as yours, it definitely had more of a pudding consistency rather than a light airy one, but honestly no one cared. They were awesome. Thanks so much for sharing.