Wednesday, February 27, 2008

What to do in the Living Room

Images from Fran Keenan's home in Cottage Living

In Bunny Williams' An Affair with a house, she writes about making the living room more usable by putting a desk with pencils, stationery and a phone. I loved this idea. I love the idea of a formal living room. (I will never be one of those people who puts a pool table in
the living room, one, because we had one when I was a kid and honestly we almost never used it after the first month and secondly because I really love the idea of a room that stays pretty and orderly all the time) Also, I wouldn't use this as "command center" and put my computer on it, that I leave for somewhere near the kitchen. So now I'm on a quest to find a vintage or antique secretary. I prefer the tall ones, but there are so many great things out there we'll see what I can find. In these images, designer Fran Keenan (love her home) adapted a bookcase for this purpose.
And for the desk

We actually have the wall mounted grand phone and it gets lots of compliments from everyone, the ring is a bit too loud though (or maybe our house was too small).



Liz said...

All great ideas. I LOVE my front living room. Matt has his man-den (with giant tv, sectional couches) and I have my front room. It's usually orderly and clean, and it's the first thing I see when I get home from work. Even if the rest of the house is a mess, that room makes me feel better.

Jerusalem said...

So lovely...I love all your inspirations and ideas and can't wait to see what you do in your house! And yes, I do make custom banners - just email me at for more info! See ya!