Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Definitely Delicious!

Despite all the controversy surrounding Jessica Seinfeld's Cookbook Deceptively Delicious I bought it. I had to. I watched the Oprah Show when it first came out and have been curious ever since. I love this book so far. I feel (as Jessica puts it) so virtuous at the thought of making healthy meals and treats. To be honest. I don't know how many of the dinner recipes I'll try since my husband and I don't want to eat kid food for dinner but it might be worth it for the desserts alone.

Last night I tried the chocolate chip cookie recipe and they were really really good. The healthy add-in...chickpeas. I hate chickpeas so I figured if I liked this one I'd be motivated to try the others, oh and this one didn't require any puureeing and since our stuff (food processor)is all in storage It was the easiest to make. I also added raisins. They are definitely not your typical choc-chip cookies but I will probably only make these from now on.


Kami said...

I got this cookbook for Christmas and I still haven't used it. I will have to try those, they look good! :)

Mrs. Fox said...

I've got serious doubts about chickpeas in cookies. They look good, but I suspect the texture might put me off.

Haydee said...

No I know what you mean, Chickpeas are gross and yeah the texture is not like that of a typical chocolate chip cookie but my friend said it taste like a cookie you'd get at whole foods actually better tasting.