Monday, April 21, 2008

Updates and Confessions

I hate to use this phrase, as it happens to be one of the most annoying things I think anyone can say ever..but I have Issues. I'm a little bit obsessive and a bit of a procrastinator. Anytime I feel pressured to do something I tend to avoid it at all costs. So the way I usually operate is I have a million things going at once, I'm either completely on the ball or completely detached from things. This is not the case with my kids, my home and it's maintenance though. Sadly, I tend to isolate myself from my friends a little when things pile up. Anyway. This should explain why sometimes I post twenty times in one day and other times I go weeks without anything. I really need to find balance in my life.

Currently I'm struggling to keep up with paperwork, my finances, my sewing projects, my other projects, my running schedule etc etc. The other day I was very very stressed and I sat down with pen and paper and set out to Identify the sources of stress in my life. I wrote my long list and then possible solutions for them all.
I have to break things down this way...So the plan to getting back on the ball included
  • re-organizing my space, this always recharges me. I got some drawers, new containers, a pretty frame and bowl and some plush new bath towels..instantly I got more peace.
  • Weaning My baby from breastfeding. She is now 100% formula/bottle fed and sleeping better and much longer. This is HUGE. I can't believe I accomplished this. I tried weaning gradually but it never worked. I was a human binky and every time she cried or fussed I would just nurse her. Poor baby. I was taking away her ability to self soothe. She is a much happier child now that she has a schedule and nice big meals.
  • I'm back to working with Daniel almost daily with his reading and workbooks and were back to reading to him everyday. As a "retired" Reading Teacher this was a major major source of stress in my life. I am SURE that if he doesn't learn to love reading at an early age, he never will.
  • I am working on my finance management issues. I have to become obsessive about it because I just can't do things like a normal person. Since money makes me sick to my stomach, I have to learn everything I can about it and completely immerse myself in it. I have tried Microsoft money, Bill Bugger, and my own excel spreadsheets in the past with no success. So I'm paying, which is of course ridiculous, for an online program by Dave Ramsey, We also plan to take his class. I love his budget software. and you can try it for 7 days for free or about $10 a month.
  • We finally got our family portraits over with..oh and after a quick trip to the ER because I thought my airway was closing up as it felt like I was being chocked, I'm feeling better. I think I had some sort of infection in my lymph nodes because they were severely swollen. The ER Dr. was an absolute moron (sorry) but he gave me antibiotics that I are helping with the added bonus side effect of massive stomach aches. Thank goodness for blessings and drugs though because I couldn't even lay down flat.
So as far as the actual trip ...when we go to Miami it's usually for some kind of family function meaning a party, and while I love hanging out with my family I can only take so much of the partying. We managed to have some fun though with some late night barbecues , football games and story telling in the patio with my cousins. The rest of the time was spent setting up for the thing--my cousin's daughter's 15th birthday party which is like a sweet 16 a year early. BTW,I got a mani/pedi with my cousins wives and apparently I missed the memo that said all girls in Miami are ridiculously beautiful and perfectly dressed. It was ridiculous.

Have I mentioned my baby always wants to be held. This ring sling has saved my life. I got it on Etsy super cheap from here.
my cute the party
almost ready..


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Jerusalem said...

I completely understand about the avoiding thing. I take on a ton of things, spreading myself too thin and then when it gets scary and overwhelming I tend to avoid avoid avoid instead of just handling it all a little bitty bit at a time. Hang in there - we can do it!

BTW- that picture of your and your precious girl is too cute!