Saturday, June 21, 2008


One of the reasons I don't post as much as I want or should...besides my self-diagnosed ADD is my family blog I started a little while back. Up until now I've been posting the same stuff there as I have here, because I trust the few people that read this blog and often the most interesting things happening in my life have nothing to do with organization and the many little distractions I write about. I love sharing the day-to-day stuff and frankly lately the blogs I love best are the ones about people's real lives instead of just picture after picture of rugs and wallpaper.. So I haven't known what to post where, and have worried if this blog would be interesting at all if not for all the personal pics? However, since getting the weekly reports on how many people view my blog, I'm not completely comfortable posting all my personal family pics, that and In spite of how stale it can get, I do have lots of great ideas and things to share.
So I will hesitantly separate the two blogs, or rather the content. I will keep this blog about those other things, and my family blog about my life and family. I hope this will relieve the self-inflicted pressure and the chore it has become to post the same stuff twice. This should solve the not blogging at all problem (we'll see). My other blog is private but I would love to add you sweet readers who frequent my blog, so please please leave your emails in my comments and I will send you an invite. In the meantime a quick update on the month of June so far, and yes these are personal but just this one last time..for now.

We had a Pool Party for Daniel's 5th Birthday, and in this heat it is now the only kind of party I want to have.
We hired this cute girl from church to lifeguard and she was great, she helped set up, kept the pool safe and pretty much played with the baby all day.

Daniel insisted on having an Iron Man Cake. It was Marble cake with buttercream frosting and Strawberry filling...soo good. He was thrilled.

A little family pic
Isabelle Turned 1o months the same day Daniel Turned 5. She's getting huge.
Fathers Day was great, and simply put, my husband is an amazing father. I always say that his talent is being the best family man ever...he is patient, even-tempered, funny and so much nicer than me.
The snickerdoodles were for the primary kids who sang (I'm the chorister and I know almost nothing about music) and afterwards they gave the dads a bottle of Jones Soda with a tag that said you're the worlds greatest pop!
My husband turned 37 which kinda bums me out since I wont even be 30 until next year..(P.S. Jill you can relate right?) But he is the most amazing man so I guess there's a trade off.
I cooked him one of his favorite dinners..Salmon and set the table really fancy with lots of candles. In case you're interested, I use my friends recipe which is basically mixing pesto (in the refrigerated section with the fresh pasta) with spinach-- like a package of frozen spinach to 3/4 of the pesto or 1/2 even...I drizzle olive oil, salt and pepper and just put that mixture on top and if you have it chopped pine nuts on top..then I put it in the oven at 400 for like 15 minutes depending on the thickness/amount of Salmon. You cannot go wrong with this recipe.
and for his cake he wanted Texas Sheet Cake. Recipe found here. I didn't put nuts on it because Daniel is allergic, but I highly recommend you do, at least on half. In the morning he got breakfast, Daniel and his cousins sang him a special birthday song, and we all told him something we loved about him before we sang Happy Birthday..
And his gift was a beautiful Bulova Watch..which I did not take a pic of..I was so sick that day...I thought I was getting Pneumonia or I was cooking I was shivering and I felt like I had been beat with a bat, but it all ended up great and he loved every minute of it. ◦

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