Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Links on Learning and Libraries

Soo..in honor of Back to School season, and my Big Boy getting ready to start Kindergarten I found two AWESOME links. The first. Did you know that MIT offers most of their undergraduate and graduate courses for free. Yah! You can learn Quantum Physics, or take weird obscure Literature classes. You can download the course materials here..
From the set of Something's Gotta Give

This is crazy right?! The only catch is you wont actually earn a degree from there..BOO! But the learnings free..I can't get over it.

LOVE this! Found on Cookie Mag

The next find is the BBC's online and MP3 languages lessons, they offer French, German, Portuguese, Mandarin, Greek, and Urdu. Again, Crazy! I love this. I want to learn them all...seriously. Go Here.
The Coziest Library ever..from the set of The Holiday
Now if only I had a pretty corner like this to sit in while I do all this learning. hmm...one can dream.



Cali Homemaker said...

i love that little libray too!

Anonymous said...

I love your blog. You have a great information, needless to say wonderful taste.
Would love to be invited to your other blog. 3hearts/Miami

i'm kelly said...

oh i love a good library!

mrs. r said...

eww. need the first library. must have it.

also...i am stroller stalking. i read according to kelly. a few weeks back, she posted about the stroller that she wants from her fairy god mother. it just so turns out that i HAVE a fairy god mother who is willing to purchase it for me. i read in the comments that you have one...i have a couple questions.

1. i have a 16 month old and a 2 week old. i think it would be perfect for them right now...but what about when they are BOTH toddlers? it looks like they have a kit to convert it for both toddlers, but what do you think?

2. is it really worth the money?

3. does the front wheel pivot or is it stationary?

THANKS! i am dying to get out of the house ...but need a good stroller before i can do so. THANKS for your feeback.

much love.

Haydee said...

Dear mrs. r
Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. I will update it soon. As far as the Phil & Ted stroller go..
It is totally worth the money. I absolutely love it. The two seater configuration will work perfectly for 2 toddlers..sometimes my son (who is 5 now) asks to sit on the bottom just for fun (it isn't recommended the heavier child sit on the bottom because their weight could cause the front of the stroller to lift, but it never has for us..also he's technically too heavy to be in the bottom seat, but it feels safe to us..the baby who is 13 months also loves the bottom seat..)
I loved the stroller when my little one was a baby because I would lay the bottom part flat and my oldest would sit on the top seat. You can't go wrong with this stroller, but yes definitely it's ideal for two toddlers.

The front wheel totally pivots it's the best part. Also because the tires are so big, and they're basically like bike tires you hardly feel the weight you're pushing (does that make sense?) it rides very smoothly and you can practically steer it with one hand because it's so lightweight.

The only thing I would add would be to buy a BOB stroller brand cup holder adaptor thing for the top (we got one for free when we bought our stroller)

oh and also, it fold so so easily.
You'll love it