Monday, September 15, 2008

Is this thing on..

Hi. So I read this thing recently that said--Physiologically speaking the two functions that take up the most energy are Emoting and digesting. Which makes perfect sense if you've ever been through emotional trauma and have completely lost your appetite or likewise used food to suppress emotions. Apparently, the body cannot do both well at the same time.
So, suffice it to say, my life is very complicated. Beautiful, blessed, and full, but very complicated. I've been really busy emoting, digesting and to keep distracted from those two things, creating. (note, I have never liked crafts, or crafty things...but blogging has awakened a crafting beast inside me..see below)

Me, the kids, and the new haircut (which I totally regret, since my favorite hairstyle is the ponytail)
HATE this picture of me, but look how cute those kids are...

Library tote bag for Daniel. Best no sew project ever! (but now I need to make a bigger one)

Home made Playdough is fantastic. The texture is awesome. Recipe here.
I needed a quick solution for toy storage here at mom's and I did not want any more plastic bins. This is pretty easy to make, like common sense easy.
Most of my days are spent running after this 13 month old little rascal. Ever since becoming mobile she has been a handful to say the least. She is one silly girl that one.
I made an art/homework center for Daniel. He has all his art stuff on his table but this one stays in the kitchen. The lazy susan is from walmart ($10..I think) and the cups too (4 for less than $2) all that's left is to super glue the cups down.
Oh and yeah, this is big. My big boy started Kindergarten. I did a whole mushy post about this on the family blog.. His teacher loves him, and he loves her..YAY

Oh and I also made a nap mat for kindergaten. I'll show better picture when it comes home for washing. It's so easy to make and closes with velcro. When it's closed it's the perfect pillow for travel...I had it monogrammed since everything has to have his name on it.

I also had a dinner party for my moms birthday and made caprese, stuffed mushrooms and fetuccinne alfredo with shrimp (recipe to come soon) Soooo good.. and the best salad ever...

I sewed a bunch of other stuff.

I emoted and digested some more and I chipped away at the endless piles of stuff to do.

This week, I will be taking my little boy to have some upper G.I. studies..he has some bad stuff going on..and I will be yet again trying to sleep train my little girl. I may never succeed at this.

Oh yeah, and I got called as Gosped Doctrine teacher.. and I'm also still filling in as primary chorister...and this is the non-complicated stuff.



Brandi said...

Cute kids! Cute hair cut! You're so pretty! I love the bags you made for the toys with the ribbon at the top... soooo cute!

Haydee said...

Thanks Brandi. So glad you stopped by. On my way to check out your blog. Oh and I'm doing a tutorial those drawstring bags..