Monday, September 15, 2008

I want to be over these

Paper lanterns..But they work. And they're beautiful. Did I mention En Masse works..

Most of these were found on Snippet & Ink. ◦


Melanie Williams said...

Hey--I thought you mentioned in one of your past posts that you grew up in the Bronx- am I remembering that right? I just moved here so if you have any helpful tips for adjusting, pass them along :)

Haydee said...

Melanie. I did grow up in the Bronx. I'm just curious, how'd you end up there? I haven't lived in the Bronx since I graduated High School 12 years ago, but I still have friends and family who live there. Let me ask them what they think.

If the Bronx is the same as it used to be,gosh this is going to sound awful,Lock your doors. There are lots of great people there but I've some crazy things happen too.

The Bronx can be really charming believe it or not, at one point we lived in a really cute brick house in a great neighborhood...White Plains rd by the East River--that area is really nice.

I'll get back to you..what's your email.

Best of Luck.

Leslie said...

I have A LOT of these in red. I kid you not....just today I was debating wether or not they will work in my little girl's room. I still love them even if they aren't cool any more. And they are going up all over her ceiling this week.

Haydee said...

That will look amazing! And I totally think they're still cool by the way.