Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What's so great about Florida?

This driveway. Whenever I find a place that shows Florida to be more than just a peach-toned stucco nightmare (so rude, I know), I like to share it.
I could not believe my eyes as I drove into this house. This is actually on the way out. I stopped to take a picture to show my husband. I've been to some amazing homes but this is by far the most impressive driveway I've ever seen. My mother catered a funeral here for some friends and I helped her take some things. I thought it would be too intrusive to post pics of the house since I didn't ask permission and they might even run into this blog one day..

This was Daniel in the back hall, which leads to the pool. (He was my helper that day)
This is a beautiful weathered back door by the garage, which lead to the pool which lead to the back door above.
and this gorgeous phone was outside in a sitting area by the pool.


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