Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Gift Ideas..

My five year old son has asked Santa for one thing. This.
There is something so wrong with this--where do I begin?! But it's the only thing he's asked for....At least it plays movies (but who wants to spend money on movies I can't even play on my TV..) I did see a game that teaches Spanish. After almost ten years of marriage I'd hoped my husband would have learned..maybe now? This is so dumb. I'm mad.

This is from Grandma..a razor.
For Izzie. She loves to draw and this mat is really cool. Plus mess free.
For Izzie mostly. We've been dying for one of these and scored an amazing deal on black Friday. (also from Grandma)
I hear this thing is awesome on the roam turns it's head when it senses someone, and explores around the house. (another gift not from us)
This one is from us. He needs them. He has trashed two new pairs of puma's he got at the beginning of the school year.

Izzie is getting red maryjanes, a coat and a few other little surprises. They're also getting new PJ's and a few handmade gifts from me.

Any ideas for my husband. He never asks for anything. Nothing! So far I think a Yoga mat, a few workout accessories and a chess board from Daniel (Daniel also shopped for each family member at the gingerbread shop at school --he had $12 total and somehow his gift for my husband is the most perfect thing ever...) ◦

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