Monday, December 15, 2008

A late start on December...

I've been MIA. Sorry. December is hard this year. It started with the first anniversary of my little brother's passing and It's been hard finding the energy for the extra stuff--one day, soon I hope, I will be the type of blogger who actually blogs consistently and has giveaways and shows you interesting things--for now, bear with me please. I will post pictures and a real update tomorrow, but for now, I saw Martha making the ornaments (directions here)above on her old Christmas Special and they were quite pretty. I think a tree filled with these would be gorgeous.I also loved the idea of using this tree topper from ikea as ornaments all over a tree. They were $1 at ikea (we went last week) so I got a few of the red and white. I'm really into the red and white this year. ◦

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